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UC-San Diego 0


Amelie Umholtz helped steer the Wildcats to a crucial win on Saturday. (Photo credits: Josh Pearson)

February 14- Seeking their first win of the Spring, the Wildcats hosted UC-San Diego in a rare weather-impacted game in Tucson. After a tough loss to Grand Canyon, a bounce-back performance would be needed against an always tough Triton side. Thankfully for the Wildcats, they have not one but two Bruzga sisters in the backline, and they continued their emergence on attack for the home side. Sylvia got the scoring started with a statement-making long-distance try, making it 5-0 in the early stages, while Sophia would take advantage of the extra space wide to help move the Wildcats down the field. "After placing an extra emphasis on looking for line breaks during training, our back line accomplished just that" said Head Coach Tatum Quimby. 


UC-San Diego would march down the field after the ensuing kickoff, getting into the Wildcats' 22 on several occasions but meeting a stiff wall of defenders from Arizona. The forwards, many of whom are new to the side this year, slowly began taking over the game, with Grace Uso helping set up several half breaks with offloads and hard carries. Those half breaks would open the space for the Arizona backs, a simple formula but an effective one in rainy conditions. Fullback Annie Hoffman would be the beneficiary of this front foot ball, scoring late with a Talia Ben-Yosef conversion to give the Wildcats a 12-0 lead that they would hold onto to secure their first win of the Spring. "This was a great first win, and we're hoping to carry that momentum into San Diego State this coming weekend. We're getting more comfortable, making good decisions, and exploring options within pods." said Quimby.


The win moves the team to 3-3 overall on the year, with that important clash against the Aztecs this coming Saturday on the road.

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Tries: Sylvia Bruzga, Hoffman

Conversions: Ben-Yosef- 1/2


1. Grace Uso

2. Aspen Wrzesinske

3. Audrey Miller

4. Pele Kruse

5. Callie Andrews

6. Lena Boucher

7. Kira Gomez

8. Landry Moore

9. Amelie Umholtz

10. Talia Ben-Yosef

11. Emma Cook

12. Sylvia Bruzga

13. Natalie Hopkins

14. Sophia Bruzga

15. Annie Hoffmann


16. Yael Kelley

17. Arian Sage

18. Megan Garland

19. McKenna Whisenant

20. Ruby Trella

21. Christina Griffin

22. Adrienne Emma

23. Claire Cipolla

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