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Arizona looks to build around a squad that showed strides last season under first-year coach Tatum Quimby. (Photo credits: Josh Pearson)

September 29- Arizona has announced their Women's Rugby schedule for the Fall as Head Coach Tatum Quimby has set up a mix of both Fifteens and Sevens for the Wildcats. 

The second-year coach features many returners in the squad, with the full complement of Wildcats set to be on display in tomorrow's Red-Blue Game. Soon after, Arizona will travel to Las Cruces for a showdown with New Mexico State, a challenging road match for a young side that got better every week last season. 


Arizona will then make its return to the Sevens format, making the trip to San Diego for the Pacific Desert Conference Sevens Championships. The side will round out the preseason with an important fixture in Tempe, taking on Arizona State. 

"With so many returners in addition to a large recruitment class, everyone on the team is excited for the year ahead! The field feels a lot more organized with so many strong leaders, and I feel like we're gonna be able to expand on what we worked on last year and make our playing more dynamic" said center Talia Ben-Yosef.


"My goals for this semester are to build off of the foundation that we laid last year and bring all of our new players up to speed. We have a lot of talent and the upcoming scrimmages will allow everyone to show what they're able to do" said Quimby. These matches will set the stage for the all-important Spring, where Arizona will look to build on last year's results and move their way up the ranks in the challenging Pacific Desert Conference.

For the Wildcats' full schedule, click here.




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