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ARIZONA @ UC-Santa barbara



Audrey Miller anchors the fast-developing forwards group from the front row. (Photo credits: Josh Pearson)

March 15- Fresh off a well-deserved spring break, the Wildcats head to Santa Barbara this weekend for a key match-up against the Gauchos. Head Coach Tatum Quimby has announced the side that will take on UCSB, with Aspen Wrzesinske captaining the squad at Hooker. 

In the forwards, Audrey Miller pairs with Wrzesinske and first-year Wildcat Grace Uso to give the visiting side a strong and quickly developing front row. Amelie Umholtz and Talia Ben-Yosef make up the 9-10 combination once again, with the duo starting to find good synergy as they lead the Wildcats attack. Annie Hoffman is another Wildcat to keep an eye on, emerging in the win over San Diego State two weeks ago with her strong defense and explosive attacking plays. 

The Wildcats will look to build on their result against the Aztecs, with Coach Quimby and staff continuing to make strides in just year two of her tenure. "I'm so impressed with the progress that we've made over the course of the first half of the season. Our growing IQ on the pitch and willingness to try new things has paid off and we're ready to pursue another win this weekend at UCSB" said Quimby.

The Gauchos will host Arizona with a 10:30 AM PST kickoff at Elings Park.

For the Wildcats full schedule click here.



1. Grace Uso

2. Aspen Wrzesinske (C)

3. Audrey Miller

4. Pele Kruse

5. Gabby Sheffield

6. Claire Cipolla

7. Kira Gomez

8. Landry Moore

9. Amelie Umholtz

10. Talia Ben-Yosef

11. Emma Cook

12. Sylvia Bruzga

13. Natalie Hopkins

14. Sophia Bruzga

15. Annie Hoffmann


16. Arian Sage

17. Yael Kelley

18. Kenna Whisenant

19. Megan Garland

20. Lena Boucher

21. Faith Dupree

22. Christina Griffin

23. Ellana Tran

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