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Head Coach Tatum Quimby brings back a wealth of experience in the team for Fall 2023.

August 28- Arizona Women's Rugby has returned to action with Head Coach Tatum Quimby entering year two at the helm.


The Wildcat alum and 2023 Campus Recreation Coach of the Year recently sat down to take a look back at the season while peeking into the bright future for the program.

How would you summarize year one at the helm of the program?

Challenging but rewarding. Stepping up to a head coaching role for the first time was intimidating but I’m so glad that I chose to take this on. I learned A LOT and I really enjoyed the time spent with the team. They’re all so fun to work with. We received a lot of support and mentorship from past coaches as well as other members from the Tucson rugby community and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

What was the biggest bright spot area for the team?


I think that after a few rough seasons dealing with the aftermath of COVID we made great strides to get the program back on track. We have a solid team culture and a lot of optimism when it comes to the upcoming year. Our returning players are enthusiastic and clearly have a love for the game and each other.

What do you think is the team’s biggest work on?

Some of the overarching team goals moving forward are to become more competitive within our union and step up recruitment efforts. 

Who were some players that really stepped up?

There are MANY players that fit that category but to name a few:

Our forward pack benefited from strong leadership and guidance from captain Ruby Trella. Seniors Indie Jacobi and Teo Barney really shone this season as well. A lot of our forwards were willing to step up and play multiple positions as needed, with freshmen Aspen Wrzesinske and Landry Moore flexing their abilities as utility players. 

In the backline Nora McCarthy was new to the program but her experience and skill allowed her to slide effortlessly into the role of flyhalf in the Spring. She was supported by a strong presence from Talia Ben-Yosef, who found her place at inside center this season. Sylvia Bruzga, our other captain, was our top try-scorer. 

Who were some players that were really the unsung heroes?


Some players that stand out in my mind are Megan Garland and Regan Parnell. 

Megan was a returning player that showed consistent progress throughout the season. Her work ethic and dedication showed at practice. Regan was new to the team and got moved between the backs and forwards a bit. But once we placed her in the forwards she was really able to shine. She’s a competitor and was ready to go get the job done on the pitch. 

I also want to commend all of the club officers for stepping up to fill administrative roles behind the scenes. Most of them were doing this for the first time and they all excelled with little guidance. 

Why should an athlete consider Arizona Rugby?


Arizona Rugby is a supportive environment and we’re all here because we love rugby. We don't require you to have a specific background, there's a position for everyone. As a program we’re eager to support and continue to expand women’s rugby in Tucson.

Why should a student-athlete consider Arizona?


At Arizona you have a large variety of majors, student groups and resources at your disposal. There’s a niche on campus for everyone. The southwest is beautiful and we get to practice year-round due to the great weather.

Arizona will announce their Fall schedule shortly, with training already underway for the 2024 season.

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