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Arizona Second XV vs New Mexico

Saturday September 9

Albuquerque, NM

3:00 PM MST





Doug Neary anchors the back row at Number Eight in the Wildcats' preseason opener.

September 8- Arizona formally kicks off their preseason this weekend with a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico as Arizona Second XV takes on New Mexico in a friendly on Saturday. The Wildcats have named the side that will take on the Lobos, with Assistant Coach Patrick Coco leading the team as Head Coach.

The match will be a Second XV team, with many players held out due to Sevens or other Fifteens obligations, but will still feature a number of players looking to impress. In the front row, Chaz Huntsman and Chris McBride join with veteran Hector Ramirez, who returns to action after missing the past season. A pair of young Locks from the 2017 recruiting class start together on Saturday, with Billy Esposito and Steven Benson making their debuts. In the back row, Doug Neary is joined by fellow veteran Carter Harris and Freshman Riley Kerr

In the backline, Koto Fujimura is another Wildcat making his debut and he pairs with Kristian Sanchez in the halfbacks. Veteran Ricky Lindsay makes his long-awaited return to the team after missing the past year, and he is joined by Robert Figley to make up a dynamic center pairing. On the edge, Jack Bradfield earns the nod at Fullback where he's joined by fellow Freshman Jon Rogers and Sophomore Jake Rowley.

New Mexico, a fellow member of D1A, participates in the Rocky Mountain Conference which plays their season in the Fall. This will mean a strong Lobos side waiting for the Wildcats in Albuquerque. "We are grateful to New Mexico for hosting us and would like to thank them for being flexible with us on kickoffs and such first off. They are a fast growing program and it will be a good litmus test for this group, many of whom make their first starts as Freshmen" said Head Coach Sean Duffy. While the game is a friendly, the opportunity for these players is invaluable as they look to prepare for the upcoming season. Arizona Third XV is inactive this week but kicks off their preseason next Saturday, hosting Northern Arizona. 

New Mexico Lineup (click for bio)

1- Chaz Huntsman

2- Chris McBride

3- Hector Ramirez

4- Billy Esposito

5- Steven Benson

6- Carter Harris

7- Riley Kerr

8- Doug Neary 

9- Koto Fujimura

10- Kristian Sanchez

11- Jon Rogers

12- Robert Figley

13- Ricky Lindsay

14- Jake Rowley

15- Jack Bradfield


16- Jack Keys

17- Reed Hirshman

18- Austin Strehlow

19- Daniel Hagan

20- Brody Wainwright

21- Kyle Fulton

22- George Niethammer

23- Mikey Joseph

24- Jayme Thomas




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