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Aidan Hendry has already made his presence felt in early sessions in the second row.  

Sept 21- Arizona continues to make additions this Fall, announcing a group of walk-ons and transfers for their preseason. This crop of athletes, combined with their 31-man recruiting class puts the Wildcats at over 75 in the program this Fall.

Aidan Hendry joins the side as a transfer after a year at Mary Washington University (VA). The 6'5" 250-pound Lock from Scotland has already made a positive impact in the Fall, training alongside the Arizona Forwards and emerging in the set piece.

Joining Hendry in the fresh-faced forwards are Props Joey Lewis and Alejandro Mada, Lock Noah Wakefield, and Back Rows Jack Nichols and Dirk Germon. Lewis has already put his hand up through his play, helping lead a 36-10 Preseason victory over Northern Arizona this past weekend. 

In the backs, Scrumhalf Austin Felt and Wing Chris Buker also played key roles in the NAU win and have meshed well with the team to give the Wildcats a deep reserve of athletes to pick from for this coming season. 

Director of Rugby Sean Duffy pointed to the impact of COVID-19 and Arizona's history of large rosters as reasons these athletes choosing to be Wildcats. "We have athletes we recruit, and in those cases we must see them play. Unfortunately these athletes did not have footage. So rather than tell them no thank you, we tell them to join us. Let's see how you do and what we stress is the importance of meritocracy. We've had walk-ons become captains like Lucas Bartzis. Until they get here and the metaphorical bullets start flying, you don't know what you have. We're also blessed with alumni and university support to field three teams and use this sport to develop student-athletes on and off the field. It's a tradition that makes us different since most universities only carry one side. But it is something we will continue to embrace for the good of the game and these young men" said Duffy.

Arizona is set to announce the remainder of their Fall schedule shortly, with both Fifteens and Sevens programming lined up in preparation for the 2022 season kickoff in January.

2021 Walk-Ons & Transfers

-Buker, Chris

-Felt, Austin

-Germon, Dirk

-Hendry, Aidan*

-Lewis, Joseph

-Mada, Alejandro

-Nichols, Jack

-Wakefield, Noah


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