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Lock Bronson Teles represented the Wildcats and his country in the 2018 Junior World Trophy qualifier earlier this month. (Photo credit: Nikki Adams)

June 28- One of Arizona's bright young stars earned national recognition this month as Bronson Teles was selected to the Men's Junior All Americans (MJAA) side to take on Canada in the Junior World Trophy qualifier. The MJAA's, former the USA Under-20s, took on Canada in the series earlier this month in Houston.

Teles, a Sophomore from Houston earned the nod after a highly successful season with the Wildcats, anchoring their Forwards with team-leading counts in tackles, tackle rate, and rucks hit. Teles' selection is actually his second of his career, earning the nod as an incoming Freshman and traveling to Zimbabwe for the 2016 Junior World Trophy. 

Head Coach Sean Duffy pointed to the hard work Teles puts in on and off the field and the example he sets as key reasons for his success and selection. "Bronson is such a key part of what we are about as a program, and we're so thrilled for him to be representing us and our country" said Duffy. 

Teles's selection is the latest honor for the Texan, as he earned both Forward of the Year (Josh Allan Award) and Rookie of the Year (Mark Shively Award) in 2017 and that summer traveled to Australia as the recipient of the Mark Loane Medal, granting him a full summer in the Queensland Rugby Academy. The former High School All American also excels in the classroom as he pursues a degree in Business from the Eller College of Management.


While the United States split with Canada in the series, it was the Canadians who advanced on aggregate to the 2018 Junior World Trophy in Romania. Teles was named to the leadership group for the squad, serving as Vice Captain in the first match of the series. Teles and the Wildcats are currently in the offseason with a slated return to action in August when classes resume for the university.


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