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 #10 Arizona vs #15 San Diego State

Saturday March 17

William David Sitton Field

2:00 PM PST





Arizona's senior class of 2018 hopes to win their final match on Sitton Field on Saturday. (Photo credit: Chris Mooney)

March 17- Arizona will close out their regular season over the next two weekends against challenging opposition, starting with #15 San Diego State this afternoon at Sitton Field. Captain Kyle Rogers and his Vice Captain Sean Coleman lead a senior class that will hope to win their final home game against a tough Aztec side from the California Conference.

The 10th-ranked Wildcats name a similar lineup to the one that defeated Arizona State 69-20 in their last run out on Sitton, with the bulk of the team also touring Argentina last week and going 1-1 in South America. While honoring the seniors is a goal, emerging with a win against a team that defeated them in 2017 is first and foremost. "We dropped a tough one in San Diego last year, and we're a much different group of players and group of people since then. Between the growth of guys on and off the field, and the tour experience that a lot of these guys had, we're a tight-knit group now and we will put that to the test today" said Head Coach Sean Duffy.

Saturday's seniors will be Fullback Kyle Rogers, Lock Sean Coleman, Center Ben Joseph, Scrumhalf Jonah Eldridge, Props Cody Hunt, Steven Branham, and Karl Steffany, and Wings Dante Weeks and Ryan Hudson, all of whom make up the 23-man run on side. With a hopeful playoff berth up for grabs in the next few weeks, the Wildcats will focus on earning two wins to end the season before formally sending off their Seniors. Next week's match, while at home, will take place at Kino Sports Complex as part of the Tucson Cup.

Arizona Second XV will also return to action this weekend, taking on San Diego State Second XV immediately following the first side match. Gates open at 1:30 PM with tickets on sale at the north gate of the stadium.

First XV vs San Diego State

1- Steven Branham

2- Zach Biggs

3- Karl Steffany

4- Sean Coleman (VC)

5- Bronson Teles

6- Sinclair Clinton

7- Zach Heisterkamp

8- Tyler Hansen

9- Matt Rogers

10- Anton Grigoriou

11- Dante Weeks

12- Tom Molloy

13- Ben Joseph

14- Ryan Hudson

15- Kyle Rogers (C)


16- Chris McBride

17- Chaz Huntsman

18- Cody Hunt

19- Alex Rayton

20- Bobby Butchofsky

21- Jonah Eldridge

22- Luke Thayer

23- Garrett Walker


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