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Sean Duffy will start his sixth season in Tucson with a new title. (Photo credit: Alex Ho)

By Andrew Pillari

Jul 1- Arizona will embark on a new chapter with a familiar face at the helm in Fall 2019 as Head Coach Sean Duffy has been promoted to Director of Rugby by the University of Arizona. The role will see Duffy remain Head Coach of the Men's program while also assisting the Women's side with operations, branding, and recruitment.

The move comes on the heels of a strong season by the Men's program that saw them reach the national quarterfinal for the third time in four seasons. While already full time coaching, this role will move in to Campus Recreation, giving the sport a new platform for growth on the campus. "I'm incredibly humbled by this promotion, and I'm thankful to Director Troy Vaughn and the entire Campus Rec family for being so welcoming the past five years I've been here, and making that relationship official this week" said Duffy. "This is a tribute to the work of both programs, and the incredible foundation laid down by men like Dave Sitton and Rusty Wortman to put the programs in a position like this. Last but certainly not least I want to thank the players I've coached. They've embraced me as a coach, and I've done my best to listen, be there, and help them reach their goals. Without their buy in we are nowhere."

While under the scope of Campus Recreation, Men and Women's Rugby are two of the more historic programs, with the Men's side bringing in Duffy as the team's first full time coach in 2014. The Women's program recently celebrated their 25th anniversary while the Men's program dates back to 1969. This year's 50th Anniversary celebration featured the induction of Sitton in the team's Hall of Fame, with hundreds of alumni returning to Tucson. 

With the growth of the sport and the unique position of Rugby on the campus in Tucson, the future looks bright for current, former, and future Wildcats that will take the pitch at William David Sitton Field. 

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