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 #9 Arizona vs #4 Cal

Saturday February 24

William David Sitton Field

2:15 PM MST





Bronson Teles and the Arizona Forwards hope to help the 9th-ranked Wildcats defend Sitton Field in front of a big home crowd. (Photo credit: Nikki Adams)

February 24- Arizona ends a three-game home stretch this weekend with one of their largest rivals, welcoming Arizona State to Sitton Field. #9 Arizona has named a mostly unchanged side from the one that hung tough with #4 Cal last week, with Kyle Rogers leading a team looking to get back in the win column.

Steven Branham, named one of FloRugby's top Props in the US this week, will show his versatility this week, sliding back to his former position of Hooker and allowing for Hector Ramirez to earn his first start. Lock Bronson Teles will look to continue his strong form after a standout game last week "He just continues to grow each month" said Head Coach Sean Duffy "he is setting the tone with his consistency and setting a model for others to follow.

In the backline, the depth of the squad will be on display as Ben Joseph slides to the bench to make way for Lucas Bartzis, a standout reserve in each of the Wildcats' first three conference games. In the reserves, Joseph and other veterans like Prop Cody Hunt are ready if called upon.

Saturday's match will serve a special purpose for Arizona, with the 49th Anniversary of the program coinciding with the visit of Fiji Sevens, who hold training camp on the campus this week. Arizona has held the upper hand in the series with the Sun Devils, winning each of the last two seasons. 

Arizona Second XV will also return to action this weekend, taking on Arizona Second XV immediately following the first side match. Gates open at 1:30 PM with tickets on sale at the north gate of the stadium.

First XV vs Arizona State

1- Hector Ramirez

2- Steven Branham

3- Karl Steffany

4- Sean Coleman (VC)

5- Bronson Teles

6- Sinclair Clinton

7- Zach Heisterkamp

8- Tyler Hansen

9- Matt Rogers

10- Anton Grigoriou

11- Dante Weeks

12- Tom Molloy

13- Lucas Bartzis

14- Ryan Hudson

15- Kyle Rogers (C)


16- Chris McBride

17- Chaz Huntsman

18- Cody Hunt

19- Riley Kerr

20- Bobby Butchofsky

21- Jonah Eldridge

22- Ben Joseph

23- Garrett Walker

Second XV vs Arizona State Second XV

1- Chaz Huntsman

2- Chris McBride

3- Cody Hunt

4- Alex Rayton

5- Carter Harris

6- Riley Kerr

7- Steven Rohde

8- Bobby Butchofsky (C)

9- Jonah Eldridge

10- Garrett Walker (VC)

11- Jack San Pietro

12- Luke Thayer

13- Kyle Fulton

14- George Niethammer

15- Jayme Thomas


16- Ryan Thompson

17- Jack Keys

18- Reed Hirshman

19- Austin Strehlow

20- Daniel Hagan

21- Tanner Davison

22- Luke Kampton

23- Carson Benya


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